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We respond in worship because of our Lord’s prior and preceding action of drawing near to us with His grace and mercy. We cheerfully do this as families because of our Lord’s gracious covenant promises to us and to our children. We believe that the Lord renews covenant with His people through worship, and this renewal is something He does and we desire and need. The Lord does this through His gracious summons to worship, and His promise to cleanse us from or sins; He shapes us into conformity with the Word—Jesus Christ—through His Word; kindly hearing our prayers and receiving our praises as a tender Father, feeds us at His Table, and then sends us out into His world as salt and light.

In Union with Jesus Christ by Grace

All Saints Presbyterian Church of Fort Worth, Texas is a congregation of the Lord Jesus Christ, existing because of the grace of God, and for the sake of His glory. We readily confess that we are adopted into the Lord’s favor and placed in union with Jesus Christ, only because of the astonishing grace of the Triune God (also commonly known as salvation and justification by grace, not works). It is because of our Lord’s preceding love and His pervasive grace that we are part of His Body, the Church. We confess that all of this is according to our Heavenly Father’s unstoppable purpose, the perfect work of Jesus Christ, and the present application of the Holy Spirit. In Christ alone, the Apostle and High Priest of our confession, we are made partakers of our heavenly calling (Hebrews 3:1). This includes being set free from the guilt and the grip of sin, and being made worshippers of the one true God, instead of worshippers of ourselves or that which is false. We believe that what naturally follows from being set free from sin is a life change that seeks to honor God in all things. This is also known as sanctification.

Our Heritage & Our Confident Hope

We are a congregation standing thankfully in the tradition of the Protestant Reformation, and we are members of the Communion of Reformed Evangelical Churches. We appreciate and proclaim the breadth and the depth of the classical teachings of the Reformation, and adhere to the ancient creeds of the Church, all the while longing to demonstrate, by God’s grace, the relevancy of that heritage in our day. This is because Jesus, who is the King of kings and the Lord of lords, has made known the glory of God (John 1:14), and the Word of God is sure: the knowledge of the glory of God shall cover the earth as surely as the sea is wet (Isaiah 11:9). We welcome you to All Saints Presbyterian Church. We gratefully share the facilities of Arlington Heights Christian Church (4629 Bryce Ave. Ft. Worth, TX. 76107), and our Sunday worship begins at 1:00 p.m.